Equity Release Schemes are Better Than Ever – But for How Long?

Also known as lifetime mortgage, equity release has become a more popular solution over the past few years for people aged 55 and older. It can prove to be a great way to claim a tax-free lump sum, which could make a real difference compared to other lending options. Could equity release be a good… Read More

Tips for a Debt-Free Retirement

Retirement should be about having a relaxed time with your loved ones, but the inevitable change in your financial situation could be stressful. For many, retirement will represent a reduced source of income that leads to struggling to pay debts, bills, and other expenses. You may find yourself at the risk of getting into debt… Read More

How to Increase Your Property Value for Equity Release

Equity release is fast becoming a standard means of living comfortably through retirement. While pensioners often still downsize in conjunction with a buy-to-let arrangement, the option of remaining in a cherished home with a Lifetime Mortgage or Home Reversion Plan is very appealing to most. All of these options have huge advantages paired with specific… Read More

Is Equity Release the New Pension Plan?

With traditional pensions becoming less reliable as a source of income in retirement, equity release has become an increasingly mainstream means of maintaining a decent standard of living in old age. A Popular Solution Over a fifth of over 50s surveyed in the first quarter of 2018 said they intend to top up their retirement… Read More

How to Have a Happy Retirement Life

Retiring after a long career can be bittersweet; the routine you had for decades and the people you saw every day will change, and you might find daunting to have to construct a new life. Planning for your retirement, however, we will help you transition much easier and be happier during later life. A comfortable… Read More

Understanding Equity Release and Your Journey With Us

Knowing your rights when it comes to equity release is important to us, choice is why we always make sure that you have a thorough explanation of what the service is and what it entails. You don’t need to take immediate actions or decisions, as this is a free consultation with no obligation. It’s important… Read More

Protect Your Family’s Inheritance with Equity Release

Equity release, or lifetime mortgages, are always an ideal solution to inject tax-free money into your financial situation should you need to. It becomes an attractive idea due to the absence of monthly repayments and the fact that the money can be repaid after your home is sold or after you pass away. When you… Read More

Discover Your Dream Retirement in 2018

With population density rising and land value increasing in the UK, equity has steadily been increasing in homes. 2018 is continuing to see successful equity releases that have been enabling thousands of retirees to enjoy their retirement with pension complements. In 2017, the UK economy received a boost through more than £7 billion due to… Read More

Calculate Your Enquiry and Secure Your Dream Retirement

2017 was a record breaking year for equity release, surpassing previous years’ benchmarks quite comfortably. Through understanding what customers want now, and what their requirements will be in future, Equity Release Schemes ensured that home owners received over £3 billion last year. This was also possible through the provision of both innovative and tailored products… Read More

Top 3 Myths About Equity Release

Equity release can potentially be a financial life saver for later life. However, there still seem to be a few misconceptions about the process. Your financial situation might change during retirement, particularly if you don’t have a proper pension. You may wish to help your family with university fees or maybe you need to make… Read More