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Calculate Your Enquiry and Secure Your Dream Retirement

2017 was a record breaking year for equity release, surpassing previous years’ benchmarks quite comfortably. Through understanding what customers want now, and what their requirements will be in future, Equity Release Schemes ensured that home owners received over £3 billion last year. This was also possible through the provision of both innovative and tailored products to customers.

You can compare the UK’s leading providers to understand how much equity you can release on your home, guaranteeing that you have an expert and impartial assessment. Enjoy later life knowing you have peace of mind over your financial situation, as having a comfortable retirement and pension has seemingly become more and more difficult to attain.

Secure Your Dream Retirement

Secure your model retirement by becoming one of the thousands of retirees who have already released funding from their homes. Interest rates are still at a historical low, with the latest years of both rising house prices and mortgages repayments helping to build up equity in your home. Your hard-earned wealth is now easily accessed to free you from monthly repayments and their stress.

Our Equity Release Calculator will provide you with a guide of how much tax-free money you can instantly release on your home.

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Benefits of Equity Release

  • Tax-free lump sum. Support your retirement and make your later years much more enjoyable with a tax-free lump sum.
  • Maintain ownership of your home. Live in your home for the rest of your life rent-free, a right secured by the Equity Release Council.
  • No monthly repayments. Lenders don’t require any monthly repayment towards charged interest.
  • No negative equity. You have the guarantee of never owing more than the value of your property.

Free Your Equity in 2018

Equity release is a more cost-effective solution for your money requirements than other money lending practices such as personal loans of more than £10,000, overdrafts, and credit cards, according to the Equity Release Council Report of Autumn 2017. Make sure that you compare the market to find a plan that suits your present and future needs exactly.

Here at Choice Equity Release, we want you to be informed and to feel secure in your equity release plan, choice is why we provide you with expert advice. Make a free quote call by giving us a ring on 03333 441115 – we’re always happy to help you to decide on how to live a more restful and financially comfortable retirement.