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Discover Your Dream Retirement in 2018

With population density rising and land value increasing in the UK, equity has steadily been increasing in homes. 2018 is continuing to see successful equity releases that have been enabling thousands of retirees to enjoy their retirement with pension complements.

In 2017, the UK economy received a boost through more than £7 billion due to older homeowners releasing home equity for their retirement. The early months of 2018 have seen no sings of a decrease, with Lifetime Mortgages in particular, becoming the sector with the fastest growth in the mortgage market.

Equity Release Guaranteed Regardless of the Reason

People choose equity release for a wide number of reasons, however, you don’t have to follow one of the popular motivations to ensure your home’s equity release. Whether you wish to aid your family financially like 60% of over 55s have done in the past five years or simply ensuring you have a comfortable retirement, the decision is yours.

Various plans are available to ensure that you make the most out of your home equity, with flexible and safe access guaranteed of your property wealth that you worked so hard to achieve. You are assured both a tax-free withdrawal amount and the absence of monthly fees or repayments.

Often, you may require additional money to undertake home improvements to aid your quality of life. Installing stairlifts, for example, becomes an easier decision for you and your family, assuring you that you can easily access every floor in your home regardless of mobility.

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Future Continued Growth

With equity release being considered one of the most effective and efficient ways of aiding you in financing your later life, it’s no wonder that this developed understanding has helped to raise awareness on the topic.

Societal understanding of the potential wealth in housing properties has risen and the understanding of debt has contributed to showcasing how equity release is an ideal way of ensuring any debts are clear. The retiring market has realised that home ownership can aid retirement in addition to earning their pensions, choice can prove to not be enough for expenses.

Becoming a preferred method of an injection of money, equity release seems to only become more popular in future. We provide fully qualified IFAs that deliver both free and impartial advice for every individual, financial situation. Contact us today on 03333 441115 to begin your journey into financial freedom and peace of mind.